VDJviz is a lightweight immune repertoire browser. After registering and signing in, users can upload clonotype tables that were generated using MiTCR, MiXCR, MIGMAP, MiGEC, IMGT, Vidjil and ImmunoSEQ Rep-Seq processing software. VDJviz server can be used to navigate and search clonotype tables and will compute a set of basic repertoire statistics and display them as interactive graphics. Users can also share read-only links to their datasets.

This is a Play Framework application that uses VDJtools API as a back-end. VDJviz can also be run as a local server, check out the link to source code below.

You might be also interested in our T-cell repertoire functional annotation framework, VDJdb.


VDJviz web browser application is developed and maintained by Dmitry Bagaev (@bvdmitri).

VDJtools, a standalone software and API for post-analysis of immune repertoire sequencing data is developed and maintained by Mikhail Shugay (@mikessh).

VDJviz software was developed in the Genomics of Adaptive Immunity Lab, IBCh RAS/CEITEC.